Missional Corps

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The Missional Corps is a FREE networking resource from IICM in partnership with the South Carolina Baptist Convention.

Connect with others from across your region of South Carolina who desire to impact your region.

Join a Missional Learning Cluster composed of people who live and minister in a similar type of community.  

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  Free registration is available on the Missional Corps

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      APEPT, Daily Bible Verse & Personal Prayer Requests

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Missional Networking

Join a missional network or start your own !

missionpoints-frontpic-1-Up.jpg   Region 1
   Reaching the Upstate

missionpoints-frontpic-2-Thoroughbred.jpg   Region 2
   Reaching Thoroughbred Country 

missionpoints-frontpic-3-LowCountry.jpg   Region 3
   Reaching Low Country

missionpoints-frontpic-4-PeeDee.jpg   Region 4
   Reaching Pee Dee Country

missionpoints-frontpic-5-OldEnglish.jpg   Region 5
   Reaching Old English District 

missionpoints-frontpic-6-Midlands.jpg   Region 6
   Reaching the Midlands

Group Features

Discussion, pages, files, blogs, calendar

Photo albums, videos, polls

Group prayer requests, members management

Missional Research

Search 15 themes & 100s of variables by Zip Code

socioscape-pic.jpg   Socioscape:
   Social Group Topography


ethnoscape-pic.jpg   Ethnoscape:
   Ethnic / Language Topography


demoscape-pic.jpg   Demoscape:
   Demographic Topography


evangelscape-pic.png   Evangelscape:
   Spiritual Topography
   including unreached status


culturalbridges.jpg   Culturescape:
   Cultural Bridges, Barriers, Themes


sharedplaces.jpg   Lifescape:
   Shared Places, Projects, Media,
   Times, Motivescape, Needscape


Research Features

Search any US zip code

Set a primary or default zip code

Online reports may be printed




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